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Professional Readiness Program
Professional Readiness Program
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AstraGalaxy has over 10 years of experience in the international IT industry and has served a lot of REPUTED and BIG clients worldwide. CareerStar, the training division of AstraGalaxy, has come up with its Information Technology training programs for Graduates with B.C.A., B.Tech, B.E., M.C.A. and MBA degrees.


Our training style aims to develop the student's ability to think dynamically and use logical ideas while developing software in real life scenario. This helps them perform much better than their counterparts. The training program also features working on Live Projects in Software Development in Microsoft Technologies.


The training combines our Technical Readiness program with Professional Readiness program. This basically helps you to utilize technology efficiently and make optimum use of it to achieve the desired business results for your clients. Through our Technical Readiness Program, we give you the knowledge and deep understanding of the various technologies, and what you can achieve using them. Whereas, through our Professional Readiness Program, we help you understand the process, procedures, and the methodologies for software development while using the technologies skills imparted to you.


This is how we plan to prepare you as a skilled IT professional who is not just proficient in technology but knows how to make use of technology to achieve business results for the clients.

  • Training on the latest IT technologies focusing majorly on Microsoft technologies
  • All our projects are based on Microsoft technologies. So we provide specialised training on Microsoft technologies, rather than just teaching a programming language with an RDBMS
  • Exposure to international standards and best practices with thorough understanding of the complete Software Development Lifecycle through “LIVE PROJECTS”
  • Training instructors have extensive experience in customized software development and prepare the students to face the real world challenges in software development
  • Insights on Global Work culture and Client Expectations in the IT industry
  • Placement Assistance to all our students who complete the course successfully
  • Support on technology queries available even after you complete the course