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Technical Readiness Program
Technical Readiness Program
Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, XML

Note: The versions of the technologies are latest in most cases and keep changing as new versions arrive in the market.

SQL SERVER   Microsoft.Net Foundation   ASP.NET   VB.NET   C# .NET  
  • Basics of Relational Database Management & Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Querying Data from SQL Server Database
    • Querying Data
    • Joining Related Tables
  • Working with Tables
    • Modifying Data by SQL Statements
    • Managing Transactions
  • Data Integrity – Constraints, Rules, Defaults
  • Programming Microsoft SQL Server with T-SQL Stored Procedures
    • Developing SP’s with usage of cursor mechanism
    • Developing Nested Stored Procedures
    • Developing SP’s with Transaction control
    • Developing SP’s with Error handling and Error Logging Mechanism
  • Programming Microsoft SQL Server with T-SQL User-Defined Functions
  • Developing Triggers to implement Business Rules & Data Integrity
  • Developing Views for efficient Data Access
  • Security in SQL Server – Creating users and ensuring Authentication