Astra Galaxy
ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company
AstraGalaxy Advantage

You get the benefit of our experience and reputation. AstraGalaxy has been in the software business since 1999. We have the same management team that we started with and we are known for our reliability, professionalism and integrity.

Dealing with a small company means that you're dealing with the principals. There are no ivory towers. We work with every client on a personal level and we aim to become an integral part of their organisation.

Our choice of Microsoft as a specialisation is an advantage in itself. Microsoft products cover a breathtaking scope and there is no business requirement that goes unmet in the Microsoft range.

AstraGalaxy's Niche

AstraGalaxy usually has 10 to 15 developers in its ranks. This means we are ideally suited to the middle market; clients who are large enough to have custom software requirements but not so large that they need international coverage and have internal IT department. We find that our clients are often organisations of 5 to 500 employees, based in Sydney, without enough work to recruit staff for the software department internally, but with software headaches.