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Database Development
Database Development

Database Driven Websites

At AstraGalaxy we can help you build database driven websites. With data driven websites, You have an opportunity to provide information to your existing customers or sell your goods and services to visitors who browse through your site. Adding information from a database can make your web site an efficient and powerful resource. Some information about your company, such as news and information or available jobs, can change on a daily basis.

We can show you how to strategically put these types of information from your company database on your site, and then create custom web routines to add, modify, or delete records from your database.

Database Applications

At AstraGalaxy we have developed database applications for financial transaction Systems, web-based e-commerce applications, customer relationship management and Data Warehousing projects. We specialise in developing database applications for small to mid-sized business. Our services are available to anyone that requires Database Development or maintenance of existing database application.

SQL Server is a robust database server ideal for larger corporate database applications. Many businesses running Microsoft Small Business Server will have this tool available to them for running office applications, Intranet applications or even their own Internet web site.

This relational database tool included with Microsoft Office but can be delivered as a run-time application to your business. It is suitable for the small business where less then 20 staff are using the system at any one time.