Dedicated Development Team

“We Build Dedicated Development Teams
For The Commendable Growth Of Your Business.”

Developers nowadays demand handsome benefits along with a hefty package. Skilled talent is hard to find because of the competitive business environment. Even retaining talent onboard has become a matter of concern for businesses. Also, talented developers these days, are in continuous hunt of challenging tasks. Such scenarios would surely create obstacles in smooth functioning of your business. However, there is a simple solution to overcome such situations, known as Dedicated Development Teams.

Wait. Do you really need Dedicated Development Teams?

Yes, if your business:

  • is facing acute shortage of talent in IT domain or any other specialized skill set;
  • is in a peculiar situation where in you need to cut cost in your infrastructure or overhead expenses in order to hire IT talent;
  • is unprepared to accommodate an in-house development team;
  • demands spending more time on services and strategies;
  • has more workloads to complete within the restricted deadlines;
  • is unable in retaining talented developers having practice and knowledge of business processes.

With Dedicated Development Teams, you can easily escalate your development resources by utilizing the services of dedicated pool of talent. This business model can help you in scaling your business at levels as per your need and cut down on hiring and retention costs. You can concentrate on your other business activities without any botheration. The best part of this model is that you would retain full control on every aspect of the project right from its vision to Deliverables.

How can Astragalaxy assist you?

We can hire on your behalf a well-balanced talent pool as per your requirements. This dedicated and talented team will work as per your plans in order to meet the project delivery deadlines. We do have such client association, wherein some of our developers are working with the client for more than five years, helping them in large scale projects. Also, in such instances the decision to increase or reduce the team of developers as per the project requirement, entirely lies with us.

The Process Flow


We will first start by analyzing your project requirements as informed by you.


After a complete understanding of the requirements, we will match them with best available talents and provide a report for you to review.


After your approval of the selected candidates, we will take up the interviews in order to identify the good fit from the pool.


The selected candidates will be the ones who are a perfect match in every aspect, be it technical skills or communication skills.

On boarding

After the final approval from your end, these candidates will be brought onboard.

Project Launch

Once, all these activities are successfully finished, your project would be launched.

Full Control

You will be in full control of the project execution activities.

Reporting & Reviews

There will be regular submission of reports of each activity related to the project for your review, from time to time.

What makes Astragalaxy professionally different from others?

  • We carry out analysis of your project requirements with minute precision and complete professionalism.
  • We make sure that the scope of project is defined as per your needs only without any deviation.
  • We select candidates only after proper screening to ensure that they completely match with the requirements of your said project.
  • We only employ individuals who work dedicatedly as a team for your project.
  • We ensure that every member of the dedicated development team completely suits the requirements of the project.
  • We involve agile development practices only.
  • We provide complete operational review from time to time and ensure full adjustment in case of any deviation.
  • We strive to achieve maximum productivity and ensure continuation of the same throughout the project life cycle.
  • We have a quick response time towards handling of adverse situations.
  • We make sure that your project does not get stalled in any manner.
  • We ensure that a proper reporting and review system is being used.
  • We not only provide seamless service but also provide secured and accessible communication channels round the clock.
  • We are completely devoted to deliver your projects within the stipulated period.
  • We also provide a complete after-delivery support system.
  • We only charge competitive prices for our services.

What kind of dedicated professionals can Astragalaxy hire for you?

    • Web Application Developers
    • Mobile Application Developers
    • Content Management Developers
    • E-Commerce Website and App Developers
    • JavaScript Developers
    • UI/UX Designers
    • Front-end Technology Developers
    • Web UI QA Experts
    • Functional QA Experts
    • Digital Marketing Professionals
    • Project Managers
    • Cloud Migration
    • Power BI Services
    • Microsoft 365 Development & Solutions
    • Word Addins Development.