Dedicated Product Support Team

“Forget Your Customer’s Technical Issues,
Dedicated Support Teams Will Take Care Of Them.”

Growth in business not only brings more profits but also more customer responsibilities. More sales means that there would be more after sales support requests from your customers. These requests could be more of technical nature requiring the involvement of specialized experts. Hiring and retaining such talents in-house in the long run is not an easy task. This can escalate expenses thus draining out your business profits. A simple solution to such a complex issue is to use the Dedicated Support Teams.

It is a dedicated team which works round the clock, to resolve each and every technical query of your customer. The technicians involved have certified skills and specialized knowledge required to provide complete technical support. Such teams work exclusively for your business at your terms. The pricing model for hiring their services is very transparent and simple. By hiring such a dedicated support team you can leave your customer support function in safe hands and concentrate on other business building activities.

How Astragalaxy’s Dedicated Support Teams can be beneficial for your Business?

  • We provide wide window of Support. Customers can even request for extended and dedicated support hours as per their requirement. Your customers will never complain of not receiving any technical or product support ever.
  • We impart customized solutions only. Your customers will always receive specific solutions to their problems, and no one pill for all ill kind of approach would be provided.
  • We have multi-Speciality support system in place. One dedicated team can handle all kind of queries, be technical support, product support or after-sales complaints.
  • We have a good employee retention ratio. Our HR policy is employee friendly so we have minimal employee hopping issues. Most of our support team members have been working with us for more than five years.
  • We place complete execution control in your hands. You have full say both during the selection and execution process.
  • We utilize latest team management tools. This provides you with full freedom to exercise adequate control over the management of the dedicated team.
  • We distribute the workload and scope of the project based on your instructions. You have full control on the project management decisions and can bring in changes as per your convenience.
  • We only employ individuals who are loyal and trustworthy. You will never be fearful of any security breach happening with your customer records or your business reputation be maligned. Also all our employees will sign NDA as per your norms and we do have our own internal NDA policy as well.
  • We provide immaculate support services to your customers. You will never hear any complaints or ranting customer stories ever with us.
  • We make sure that there is a presence of complete cohesion and sound stability among the team members. You will never face any kind of rebellious or non-professional attitude from any of the team member.
  • We utilize multi-talented resource pool for our support teams: Rapid changes within the technology horizon make it difficult to retain resource. Knowledge shared with individual team members goes along with them when they leave the job. This usually creates gap in the flow of the support services. But we do not face such scenarios as we involve multi-talented resource pool for our support teams so that one member can easily fill the void created by the absence of the other.
  • We can fully assure you that the team members are trained to handle every kind of adverse situation. Any amount of customer complaints or some serious product defect issues will be handled in the most professional and profound manner.
  • We have been associated with many of our clients since past five years. Also our support specialist teams have been giving their valuable services to the same client for more than five years.

“Hire Astragalaxy’s Dedicated Support Teams,

To Achieve Quick and Superior Quality Customer Satisfaction for your Business”