Technical Support and Maintenance

“Astragalaxy: Treating Every Support Request With
Equal Care And Complete Professionalism”

Virtually, nowadays everyone uses one or the other software product as part of their daily routine, be it a business or end user. Though every software developer ensures that error free software is only released, post development, but still end users do face some kind of issues while using them. Troubleshooting such products requires specialized skills and good amount of technical knowledge and experience.

Allowing professionals to handle such issues can reduce the total cost of ownership. They install necessary updates and employ requisite optimization techniques, once the error is resolved so that it should not be able to creep in again. Having such, an experienced technical support and maintenance team available at your service, round the clock, makes life easy.

Why Astragalaxy could be a good choice for Technical Support and Maintenance?

  • Adequate Expertise: We have adequate technical expertise when it comes to enhancing or upgrading the existing product for resolving minor or major issues so as to keep the operational efficiency of the product intact.
  • Unconstructive Product Performance: We can easily perform adaptive maintenance activities as and when required without obstructing the performance of the product.
  • Product Updating Requests: We can easily handle maintenance requests related to updates or new releases with ease.
  • Wide Window Support: We provide round the clock support wherein our team works in multiple shifts, so that you can have your product ready for use without experiencing longer delays.
  • Experienced Professionals: We have a team of well-trained and experienced professionals having adequate technical knowledge required to handle glitches occurring in software products.
  • Multi-talented Resource Pool: With rapid changes in technology, it is difficult to retain resource. Also once team members leave the job, the knowledge shared with them also goes away. This scenario hampers the continuity of the ongoing project. But we never face such a situation because we have a multi talented pool of team members who can be shifted to other ongoing projects if need arises.
  • On-call and Email Helpdesk: We provide both on call support and email support helpdesks for resolving the technical issues.
  • Remote Support: We can also undertake remote troubleshooting tasks on customer request.
  • Onsite Technical Activities: We do have enough technical expertise and proper channel to take up onsite technical support and maintenance activities.
  • Proper Questionnaire: We do have requisite documentation to appropriately answer all kinds of questions, generally put forward by the end user during the on call support or email support sessions.
  • Scalability: We possess techno savvy pool of resources giving us the flexibility to scale up or scale down the team as and when need arises.
  • Appropriate Database Maintenance: We do maintain proper call records or logs of all the support and maintenance activities undertaken by the technical support team, reducing the time required for conducting end user verification activities.
  • Response Time: We have a healthy initial response time at par with the industry standard for handing the support and maintenance requests.
  • Varied Requests: We can handle all kinds of requests such as defect or bugs problems, enhancement requests, lagging or latency issues, technical assistance requests, after-sales requests, etc.
  • Agile Practices: We employ fully tested techniques and process while resolving the issues.
  • Quick On Call Response Time: We do not keep the caller waiting for longer duration and establish connection with the right point of contact in shortest possible duration.
  • Fast Email Response Time: We have a strict policy of replying all the support requests received thru emails on timely basis with a positive solution as far as possible.
  • Technically Qualified Professionals: We regularly conduct orientation sessions for our professionals so that they are abreast with the latest technological advancements which ensure minimal delay in providing support and maintenance.
  • Transparent Pricing: We have a very competitive price structure for our technical support and maintenance services where in charges are incurred for only the services availed and no hidden charges are levied.
  • Support with Human Approach: We provide technical support and maintenance not only with technical expertise but also with a humane approach.

“Astragalaxy: Analyzing and Resolving

Technical Issues With Humane Approach.”