Our Prime Focus

“Elucidate First, Then Design; To Deliver IT Solutions, For Our Client’s Sustainable Business Growth.”

IT Strategy and Consulting:

Nowadays, the business environment is changing so expeditiously that every other company seems to be functioning as a tech company itself. This creates the need of having an effective and intact IT strategy intermixed with the defined goals and processes of the overall business. Understanding the business requirements thoroughly and then employing methodologies to accomplish them is the key to build sustainable business.

Every business is seeking an IT Strategy and Consulting service firm who can lead them to reach their set future goals. They demand that such service firms need to be expert in visualizing the big picture and should employ smart design thinking in order to enable them to achieve their long and short-term business solutions.

Why hire Astragalaxy for your IT Strategy and Consulting needs?
Because, we completely focus on delivering IT solutions catering the requirements of your business. We provide diligent consulting service to fulfil your needs and to match your business objectives both financially and operationally. We have adequate technology knowledge and enough expertise with data mining and analytical tools.

We have enough of technical experience in viz.

  • IT Infrastructure Audit.
  • Business Process Analysis and Formalization.
  • Technology Consulting.
  • Project Requirements Elaboration.
  • Pre-support Audit.
  • Application Security Consulting.
  • Solution Architecture.

What makes Astragalaxy professionally different from others?

1. Delivering Continuous Outstanding Outcomes:

  • We are fully committed to deliver 100% quality and secured solutions only. We do not compromise on the outcomes.
  • We have adequate technical knowledge and extensive practical exposure. We keep on upgrading our technical skills and enrich our customers by sharing our knowledge.
  • We give priority on using open-source technologies for the benefits of our clients. This minimizes the total cost of ownership, and the maintenance process becomes easier.
  • We have adequate technical knowledge and extensive practical exposure. We keep on upgrading our technical skills and enrich our customers by sharing our knowledge.

2. Following Result-oriented Approach:

  • We employ result-oriented measures while resolving existing issues at client’s end. Such approaches not only increases performance but also reduces the total cost of ownership for our clients.

3. Customized Consulting:

  • We provide fully customized and requirements based consulting for all kinds of organizations. Be it startups, established firms or organizations looking to diversify, our consulting is always tailored to satisfy their needs.

4. Undertaking Diversified Initiatives:

  • We carry out customised application strategies that are not only secured but also easy to use.
  • We enhance the operational efficiency through digital transformation and automation processes.
  • We provide solutions, which are easily adapted over, cloud computing.
  • We formulate your business to be omnipresent by incorporating social and mobile technologies.
  • We carry out cost optimization techniques to reduce your maintenance and support costs.
  • We establish an environment which fosters integrity between different departments.
  • We employ agile practices to enhance the productivity and project viability.
  • We consult in reducing the total cost of ownership by providing upgrading solutions fo your IT infrastructure viz, hardware, software, operating systems, database systems, user end computing platforms, communication methodologies or devices, etc.