QA and Testing

Astragalaxy: Hunting Bugs To Assure Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Quality software products demand less advertising and marketing efforts. They themselves become their brand ambassadors. You can save a lot of expenses incurred on after sales service if you take little extra pain during quality assurance and testing periods.

QA is a mix of all the kinds of activities carried out for implementing processes, performing procedures and following set standards, in order to verify that the developed software matches the intended specific requirements. While, testing usually includes a set of activities that are performed to identify bugs, errors or defects present in the software.

QA stresses on the essential processes and procedures only, while the testing phase focuses on performing the actual testing. QA can be considered to be a part of the Software Test Life Cycle (STLC) while testing is the part of quality control.

Why Quality Assurance and Testing are necessary for your Software Products?

Cost-effective in the long run

Catching the bugs in the early stages of software development, costs way less than fixing them during the later stages. Imagine you have designed banking and financial app offering low interest personal and business loans. Your end-user has downloaded it and is trying to “Sign Up”, but receives an “Error” while doing so. After facing frequent sign in failures, he uninstalls your app and moves on to find some other similar app. Similar is the case with other users as well. This means loss to your business because of some bug in the app which is not allowing users to sign in.

Enables to keep product quality intact

Helps in keeping the product quality at par with the specific product requirements. QA and Testing help in keeping checks on unnecessary deviations happening during software development stages.

Keeps your customer satisfied to the core

Businesses try everything to achieve trust of customers. Markets today get saturated very fast and customer loyalty is hard to achieve. So you have to provide your customers with quality products that keep them engaged and satisfied. This can be easily achieved by employing QA and testing at appropriate times.

Secures unauthorised access to end-user information

Instances are many where in criminals and hackers have gained unauthorised access into software products to steal valuable end-user data. Such breaches not only create serious security issues for the end-user but also spoil the brand name of your business. Nowadays, information regarding such breaches easily gets viral as they are reported on a variety of platform instantaneously.

Thus, you can identify many more similar examples around you, stressing the fact that QA and Testing have become very important for software products.

Why to consider Astragalaxy for Quality Assurance and Testing?

  • For us quality is of prime importance. Hence, we only utilize the services of experienced testers. We analyze and identify issues that can hamper user satisfaction.
  • We give priority to deadlines and have established a multi-shift work culture. Your customers would always be satisfied.
  • We are your esteem partner in success. Our team of dedicated and experienced testers will always be professional and strive hard to make your customers satisfied as well as keep your developer team happy.
  • We provide dedicated team of testers as well as dedicated project manager.
  • We undertake work only after efficient planning. We initially start with developing the requisite plan, building the efficient team of testers for execution and finally carrying out the actual QA and Testing activities.

What all we offer at Astragalaxy for Quality Assurance and Testing?

  • Functional Testing: Every small feature of the software under consideration is thoroughly validated and verified to ensure that it is bug free in every manner.
  • Regression Testing: When new code is patched onto the already released software there are likely chances that bugs can cause trouble. So through this testing process we ensure that such situation does not arise and the users can use the new features without any obstruction.
  • Performance Testing: Here, the software is tested by simulating the actual user environment. Full load and complete stress conditions are applied by inputting varied queries after creating number of users. This result into identification of any latency in meeting the user requirements. Necessary changes are suggested to remove the discrepancies to enable the software to perform well.
  • Configuration Testing: Here, we ensure that changes in the configuration do not create any issues in the software’s performance.
  • Isolation Testing: Using this testing we minutely isolate the code, to ensure that no bug is left hidden in the software.
  • Browser Testing: We make sure that your application works properly with every available browser.
  • Integrated System Testing: The software under consideration is tested to work properly on systems having other devices and applications attached to it. This is done to identify if any anomalies are being shown by the software.
  • Database and Platform Testing: Here, the software is tested to check its integrity with the available database management systems and several platforms on which it can be possibly run after its release.
  • Component, Unit and API Testing: Individual classes of a program are tested to ensure that the program is running as intended. Also, the testing is carried without involving any third-party services.
  • Globalisation Testing: Software is tested to ensure that it will perform well in any of the geographical location other than its source geographical location.