Midsize Business

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing for Midsize Business?

Outsourcing: The practice of hiring or partnering with an external firm to execute some of the usual organizational activities. Outsourcing will cease to be beneficial for your midsize business if it is done in a planned and professional way. Some of its benefits are mentioned below:

Reduced Capital Expenses

A reduction in capital expenses would not be experienced initially but in near future. The fixed costs will convert into variable costs, gradually. This will allow you to invest the capital into other business areas of concern. You can even make capital investment directly into activities related to revenue generation. This will enable your business to look lucrative for investors to invest.

Control Over Manpower Expenses

Manpower recruited in-house to execute projects of short-term duration or for completing temporary assignments, can escalate your manpower expenses. In addition, such a resource pool may even lack the requisite skills and talent required for proper execution of the desired work. Nevertheless, you can achieve a control over manpower expenses when all such projects and assignments are outsourced to a service provider. Now the manpower expenses need to be taken care by such a service provider and not by you.

Enhanced Competitiveness

For a midsize business, competitiveness is very important. When you collaborate with an outsourcing firm, you can enjoy the benefits of their cost structure and economies of scale. This, in turn, enhances competitiveness of your midsize small business.

Complete Focus on Core Business Activities

Execution of outsourced activities is the key responsibility of the outsourcing service provider itself. As a midsize business firm, you need not worry about the same and can completely focus on your core business activities.

How can Astragalaxy assist you?

We offer a host of outsourcing services for your Midsize business. Let us see them one by one:

Dedicated Development Team

We only provide such dedicated development teams who are a perfect match with your project requirements. We never make any compromise on the desired project specifications. The teams execute your project as per the project plan only. Every member of our team has a vast experience of software development and posses the latest development skill set. We provide you with full authority to manage your dedicated development team.

IT Strategy and Consulting

We have complete expertise in providing professional IT strategy and consulting services for your midsize business. Our prime focus is to follow only a result-oriented strategy. We firmly believe in creating outstanding deliverables on a continuous basis. We execute our work with the only motto of providing sustainability to your midsize business. We have immense expertise in handling activities such as:

  • Business Process Analysis and Formalization.
  • Technology Consulting.
  • Project Requirements Elaboration.
  • Pre-support Audit.
  • Application Security Consulting.
  • Data Mining and Analytics.
  • Solution Architecture.

Dedicated Support Teams

We have a range of support solutions to offer. We have a positive employee retention ratio. We only employ talented and multi-skilled individuals to handle the gamut of support issues. If you desire that the clientele of your midsize business should experience an optimal customer satisfaction then you should avail the services of our dedicated support teams.

Technical Support and Maintenance

The resource pools, which are a part of the technical support and maintenance teams, are not only technically stronger but also humane enough. They show immense empathy while handling the technical support issues. We are capable to undertake projects of both remote and onsite support.

Software Development Outsourcing

Here, we offer to develop customised software products as per your required specifications. We have a quality team of experienced software developers who are proficient in both, latest languages and technologies. We have a policy of keeping the client interaction process as secured as possible. For client reporting, only transparent mechanisms are utilised. Our prime focus is to develop good quality and customised software products for your business.

QA and Testing

Developed software products do require a thorough QA and testing. We have an experienced team of quality analysts and testers for handling a variety of software products. The actual execution only takes place after proper planning. We offer functional, regression, performance, component, isolation, platform, integrated system, database, browser, configuration, unit, and globalisation types of testing services.