Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy manifests in detail:

  • The purpose behind collecting your personal data.
  • The type of personal data that is being collected.
  • The type of personal data that would be never enquired.
  • How Astragalaxy is committed to protect your personal data.
  • Cookies Policy
  • User Consent.

Purpose behind collecting your personal data:

  • For efficient processing of your request for information related to our website, services and offers.
  • To inform you about our existing and forthcoming services.
  • To contact you to inform about our events.
  • To seek feedback of your ease of experience related to our services.
  • To seek suggestions related to further improvements of our services.
  • To enhance your experience of using our website and / or our services.

We collect the following personal data but not limited to (electronically or through our executives during personal meetings or public events):

  • Name / Last Name / Company Name.
  • Email Address.
  • Phone Number / Mobile Phone Number.
  • City / State or Province or Council / Country.
  • Other information, if any, required to resolve your query(s).
  • Your personal data is never shared with any Third Party in any manner.

We do not enquire about personal data:

  • Seeking financial information from our clients or website visitors, which in turn can divulge one’s personal financial status.
  • Related to Credit/Debit/Netbanking/Electronic Fund Transfer through our Website as we do not sell any of our services from it.
  • Exhibiting confidential / security related information from our clients or website visitors, which can hamper their privacy or endanger their lives in any manner.

How Astragalaxy is committed to protect your personal data:

  • We commit not to sell your data to any Third Party for marketing or advertisement related activities.
  • We commit not to misuse any of your personal data in any manner.
  • We commit to share the user personal data, if required by any state / country laws or to a government agency.
  • We commit not to spam your email inbox or your mobile inbox with marketing statements or advertisements, which you may have not opted for.
  • We commit to make appropriate security arrangements for the purpose of storing your personal data with us.

Cookies Policy:

  • For our website, we use only session-based cookies.
  • They will expire as soon as you close your internet browser.
  • We do not sell or share the cookie information with any Third Party in any form.

User Consent:

  • By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy.
  • You hereby consent that you fully understand that this Privacy Policy is not limited to your usage of our Website but also includes your interaction with not only our executives but also our authorised representatives.